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Wayback Machine Nostalgia

January 29th, 2015 by

wayback-machine-logoI’ve been on a walk down memory lane.  I started doing stuff on the web around 2006 when I started a blog to rant about politics.  It garnered a few followers, like-minded people and people who disagreed with me completely, and I enjoyed my time on there writing and having people to discuss things with that were educated and interested in the same things I was.

Then, at the end of 2006, my friend gave me a domain name and hosting space for Christmas.  He said he would pay for it for a year, and he gave me a few lessons about web design and a book about CSS to work from.  I designed and maintained a few sites at that time, and I started to use a classroom website with a Google calendar and linkable assignments, a practice that would become (and still is) an obsession.

As my skills improved and my need to blog became paramount, I started a blog called “The Multifaceted Me.”  I was never good at niche blogging.  My interests are very diverse, I’m terrible at having more than one blog (I know….I tried), and I have a pretty good case of adult ADD that doesn’t allow me to focus on one thing for too long.  I’m blaming that for my inability to write the great American novel.

Anyway, “The Multifaceted Me” became my place to write about anything I wanted.  I wrote about politics, religion, sports, teaching, books, writing, etc.  I had a decent little following for not having a niche, and I made some friends that I still talk to today but have never met in real life.  Some very large decisions in my life were made after working through them on my blog.  I didn’t ask people their advice often, but by writing about the things that I was thinking about, I was able to make decisions and understand the things I should do.  I realize now that that type of introspection might be best served by a journal, but at the time, blogging was a good outlet.

After I took the site down and got rid of the domain name (, I wondered if I would ever get back into it.  For three years, I blogged for the Utah Jazz as a “Jazzbot” (a name given to their official bloggers), and I enjoyed that a lot, again making a few friends that I still have.  3 years ago, I tried an ill-fated project about running a classroom paperlessly, but it failed because of my lack of interest.  I still might resurrect it at some point because I think it’s a good idea.  We’ll see.

I should probably get to the point of this journey of wandering nostalgia.

I thought that all my old web stuff was lost forever with the exception of my last few blog posts that ended up cross-posted on my Facebook page and aren’t very good, but because of the SEO book that I reviewed yesterday, I have discovered a way to go back and remember: The Wayback Machine.

The Wayback machine is an archive of the internet.  It has a historical archive about what was on the web “back and back and back” (from Lois Lowry’s The Giver).  It is an interesting and useful tool.  For SEO folks, it is a way to determine the viability of an aged domain.  For me, it was just a way down memory lane to a time when I had a lot of questions and used blogging to answer them.

I’ll end with the description of myself from April 25, 2009.  It’s interesting because it doesn’t really fit me any more at all.  My life is in a different place now, and my thoughts on the world are very different.  However, since this wandering bit of nostalgia has turned into a personal trip down memory lane, I’ll share it here:

I am a transitive verb, an action, a process of infinite possibility. Most introductions describe the mundane parts of a person’s soul and being. The truth is that we are all paradoxical. Life is a contradiction. Self is–at best–an intangible. So, since the self is essentially undefinable, we are left with labels, small tidbits describing individual facets of the self. Here are some labels that I give myself:
husband, father, thirty-year-old, educator, student, writer, book worm, musician, poet, grammarian, philosopher, existentialist, pacifist, conscientious objector, thinker, engaged citizen, disillusioned American, libertarian, bilingual, skeptic, rationalist, cynic, optimist, day-dreamer, peace maker, hiker, photographer, amateur web designer, GTD practitioner, coffee aficionado, Daily Show watcher, Jazz fan (the Utah variety), Eagles fan, decent athlete, golfer, passionate competitor, chess player, procrastinator, tech addict, Mac user, Chaco wearer, Suzuki Burgman rider, and arrogant PITA.
This site exists for a number of reasons. It fulfills my web design and internet obsession, gives me motivation to write and to read, allows me to share my thoughts with a larger audience, helps me develop myself professionally by publishing and sharing resources, and it provides me with a way to “journalize” my life with a medium that is much more conducive to my way of thinking and doing. I hope that you will find it useful on some level.

Again, it’s amazing to me how little I resemble the Jeff of 6 years ago.  I still love coffee, The Daily Show, GTD, chess, etc., but a lot of the other stuff has gone away.

Alright, nostalgia over…

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