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SEO Fundamentals: Audiobook Review

January 28th, 2015 by

seo-fundamentalsI spent 5 hours in a car last night, so I thought I would take the opportunity to educate myself on a subject I know very little about–SEO.  So, I downloaded SEO Fundamentals from the SEO University from Audible on to my iPhone and started my education into the world of search engine optimization.

Let’s start with the audiobook.  It is well written, easy to follow, and thorough in its discussion of the topic.  It starts with the very basics: what is SEO, how Google’s algorithms have changed over the years, and what the basic goals of an SEO campaign are for a company rolling out a website.  Most of this information was a review to me.  I don’t know a lot about SEO, but I know the basics.  The part that was new and particularly interesting was the discussion of changes to Google’s algorithms.

About 10 years ago Google was losing the war against spammers who were artificially inflating page ranks of sites and domains through unethical means (key word stuffing, link farming, spamming, etc.).  Their algorithm wasn’t filtering out this irrelevant content that was being rocketed up the search pages by SEO masters regardless of the quality of the content within them. Continue reading »

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