Professionally Proofed

Professionally Proofed

3 Tools for Cross-Browser Compatibility

February 7th, 2015 by

web-browsersWhen I started designing websites, I was doing it for fun.  I had sites to play on and blog on, but that was about it.  So, because they were just for fun and just for me, I didn’t really worry about how they displayed in Internet Explorer.  IE would totally bork my design, and I would just put a disclaimer at the bottom that said, “Best viewed in Firefox” with a link to the Firefox website.

Of course, this practice wouldn’t have been acceptable had I been selling websites or trying to promote anything in a meaningful way.  A lot of people use Internet Explorer, always have, and always will.  So, as designers, we need to make sure that we are supporting IE and any of the other major browsers with our designs, and that takes a lot of work.  For instance, I spent 3 hours this week making sure the design I was working on worked in IE.  It took a lot of coding and recoding, but I finally got it, and it was totally worth the pain.

Because cross-browser compatibility can be a pain sometimes, here are 3 tools that I’ve found that are invaluable in our quest for web compatibility. Continue reading »

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Wayback Machine Nostalgia

January 29th, 2015 by

wayback-machine-logoI’ve been on a walk down memory lane.  I started doing stuff on the web around 2006 when I started a blog to rant about politics.  It garnered a few followers, like-minded people and people who disagreed with me completely, and I enjoyed my time on there writing and having people to discuss things with that were educated and interested in the same things I was.

Then, at the end of 2006, my friend gave me a domain name and hosting space for Christmas.  He said he would pay for it for a year, and he gave me a few lessons about web design and a book about CSS to work from.  I designed and maintained a few sites at that time, and I started to use a classroom website with a Google calendar and linkable assignments, a practice that would become (and still is) an obsession.

As my skills improved and my need to blog became paramount, I started a blog called “The Multifaceted Me.”  I was never good at niche blogging.  My interests are very diverse, I’m terrible at having more than one blog (I know….I tried), and I have a pretty good case of adult ADD that doesn’t allow me to focus on one thing for too long.  I’m blaming that for my inability to write the great American novel. Continue reading »

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