Professionally Proofed

Professionally Proofed

About Us

jeff-and-shandaPeople throughout the ages have wondered what would happen if two English majors met in the real world, fell in love, and got married. Some speculated apocalyptic disaster while others envisioned a blissful utopia. The truth, however, is that nothing really happened to the world when we tied the knot, but we delight in our shared love of literature, the written word, and our three wonderful children.

We, Jeff and Shanda, both have degrees from Southern Utah University in English. We met while teaching across the hall from each other at one of the local high schools, became best friends, and realized we couldn’t really be happy without each other. Our teaching experience (14 years between us) has helped prepare us for this little small business venture. We are writers, and we are writing teachers, which makes us uniquely qualified to help others produce high quality written and visual content.

Along with our teaching experience, we have both presented our own writing at conferences, participated in panel discussions on various topics, and created and shared a workflow for running a classroom completely paperlessly. Our vast knowledge and experience in written and visual language makes us highly suited to helping all of our clients with their writing and presentation goals.

We look forward to serving you.